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                          Hello.  Welcome to the dance movement psychotherapy and learning disabilities  website.
                          The information on these pages is for people with learning disabilities, their parents, carers and
                          related professionals.
Take time to look                    at the pages and to learn about dance movement psychotherapy.
Discover how it might help you.
These pages are designed and managed by the Dance Movement Psychotherapy Learning Disabilities Network (DMPLD-Network), a dedicated group of specialist practitioners passionate about their clinical practice in a range of learning disability contexts.  The DMPLD-Network supports the work of dance movement psychotherapists and their learning disabilities practice to enhance the understanding, knowledge, skills, and research base related to dance movement psychotherapy with this client group.
This website is a way of sharing, discussing, and developing information that will provide greater understanding of what we can offer as therapists.  This is also a format to exchange ideas concerning
  • Current research topics
  • Ethical considerations
  • Government legislation & initiatives
  • Health & social care protocols
  • Practice-based evidence
** A special interest group of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK. 
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