Dance Movement Psychotherapy recognises movement as an expression of a person’s ways of thinking, feeling and communicating. Therapists support clients in their movements to encourage different ways of moving and communicating, whilst attending to emotional and relational experiences that arise.
 Unique to each individual is their way of communicating so creative movement expression is at the heart of the
 therapy relationship.
 Building a trusting relationship is the foundation of the work where group and/or individual sessions are
 personalized to suit the person.
 We work with a person’s emotional, psychological, physical, cognitive and sensory needs.
 Dance Movement Psychotherapists use non-verbal and verbal communication in sessions. So when words are not
 enough, we let the natural dance come alive by responding to each other’s sound, rhythm, posture and gesture.
 Props such as balls, elastics, fabric, percussion instruments and drawing
 materials can be used to support self-expression and the development
 of interactive relationships.
 Movement observation and analysis inform our thinking on how clients
 might relate to themselves, to others and the environment
 We work with the full spectrum of learning disabilities, physical abilities and complex needs with people of all ages.
 Dance Movement Psychotherapists are registered with the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy U.K.
 The specialised training is at MA level.